Marrubium is a genus of some 40 species of perennials from the Mediterranean Europe and temperate Asia which are predominately found in sunny, rocky, and dry wasteland.They have the typical square stems of the Lamiaceae and have alternate or opposite ,ovate or ovate oblong wooly leaves. Their two lipped flowers are borne in axillary whorls where they bloom during the summer season.

The Species

Marrubium acetabulosum Marrubium adfine . Marrubium aellenii
Marrubium affine Marrubium africanum Marrubium album
Marrubium alternidens Marrubium alyssoides Marrubium alysson
Marrubium angustifolium Marrubium anisodon Marrubium apulum
Marrubium aquaticum Marrubium aschersoni Marrubium astracanicum
Marrubium atlanticum Marrubium ayardii Marrubium ballota
Marrubium ballotaeforme Marrubium ballotoides Marrubium bastetanum
Marrubium bornmuelleri Marrubium bourgaei Marrubium brachyodon
Marrubium candidissimum Marrubium catariaefolium Marrubium cephalanthum
Marrubium cinerascens Marrubium cinereum Marrubium circinnatum
Marrubium civice Marrubium coerulescens Marrubium condensatum
Marrubium cordatum Marrubium crassidens Marrubium creticum
Marrubium crispum Marrubium cuneatum Marrubium cylleneum
Marrubium depauperatum Marrubium deserti Marrubium duabense
Marrubium echinatum Marrubium eriocephalum Marrubium eriostachyum
Marrubium faucidens Marrubium flavum Marrubium flexuosum
Marrubium fontianum Marrubium friwaldskyanum Marrubium gamodon
Marrubium germanicum Marrubium glechomaefolium Marrubium globosum
Marrubium goktschaicum Marrubium guilliermondii Marrubium hamatum
Marrubium hermonis Marrubium heterocladum Marrubium heterodon
Marrubium hierapolitanum Marrubium hirsutum Marrubium hispanicum
Marrubium humbertii Marrubium humile Marrubium hyperleucum
Marrubium incanum Marrubium incisum Marrubium indicum
Marrubium kotschyi Marrubium kurdicum Marrubium kusnezowii
Marrubium lamioides Marrubium lanatum Marrubium laricum
Marrubium laurifolium Marrubium leonuroides Marrubium libanoticum
Marrubium litardierei Marrubium lutescens Marrubium macrodon
Marrubium malcolmianum Marrubium marrubiastrum Marrubium micranthum
Marrubium microphyllum Marrubium mollissimum Marrubium montenegrinum
Marrubium multibracteatum Marrubium nanum Marrubium nigrum
Marrubium noeanum Marrubium odoratissimum Marrubium orientale
Marrubium pallidum Marrubium paniculatum Marrubium pannonicum
Marrubium parnassicum Marrubium parviflorum Marrubium pauciflorum
Marrubium peregrinum Marrubium persicum Marrubium pestalozzae
Marrubium plicatum Marrubium plumosum Marrubium polyodon
Marrubium praecox Marrubium procerum Marrubium propinquum
Marrubium pseudo-alyssum Marrubium pseudo-dictamnus Marrubium purpureum
Marrubium radiatum Marrubium remotum Marrubium rotundifolium
Marrubium rubrum Marrubium rugosum Marrubium saxatile
Marrubium scrophulariaefolium Marrubium segobricense Marrubium sericeum
Marrubium setaceum Marrubium sewerzowi Marrubium suffruticosum
Marrubium supinum Marrubium thessalum Marrubium thouini
Marrubium trachyticum Marrubium turkeviczii Marrubium uncinatum
Marrubium undulatum Marrubium vaillantii Marrubium vanense
Marrubium velutinum Marrubium virescens Marrubium vulcanicum
Marrubium vulgare Marrubium werneri Marrubium wilkommi
Marrubium womnowii